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"FLDC has really helped me ask myself questions when I feel stuck.  As I ask myself the questions that I would ask someone else, I begin to see the root issue that I'm struggling with and I can work on it or ask other people for input on that situation.  I would recommend FLDC training to leaders in other churches because it has really changed my whole approach in how I help people and has made me more effective."

- Elizabeth McWilliams, Homemaker, Adult Group Leader, FLDC Mentor and FLDC Keys Class Instructor


"The Family Life Development Center training changed the way that I help people. When I started the training, a guy I regularly met with was only mildly interested in the handful of points I gave him at each meeting. But as I started applying what I was learning from FLDC that changed to him leaving each meeting excited because of how much I was able to help him. FLDC taught me to ask questions to understand people at a deeper level, and then help them reach the conclusions on their own. I use these same strategies in my marriage, as a parent, and in my business life. You have got to go through this training if at all possible!"

- Aaron McWilliams, Marketing Manager, Adult Group Leader, FLDC Mentor and FLDC Keys Class Instructor 

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"The work of the Mentors takes a tremendous load off of our staff and enables more people to deal with the issues that they are facing."
Harold Bullock
Pastor at Hope Church
Fort Worth, Texas