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The Body of Christ as a Healing Faith Community

Family Life Development Center is uniquely designed to equip believers to provide what only the body of Christ can—a healing faith community.

Churches are filled with people who are hurting—emotionally, relationally and spiritually. The dominant view among Christians and church leaders today is that people who suffer from emotional and psychological difficulties require the services of trained and licensed professionals. While some of them may need the help of a professional counselor, most do not.

The Body of Christ is uniquely able to provide what hurting people need—a community of faith where people are truly loving one another. This is the heart of the Family Life Development Center.



Key Hole Counseling vs. 360-Degree View

In a community, we can see what people’s issues are in the context of their relationships, because that is where issues take place. So, what is needed is a 360 degree view of someone’s life, which the church or ministry community provides. In order to really help someone, you have to know the reality of their life, and you are not likely to know that with a small glimpse, provided in a office, based solely on what the person brings to you each week, in a one hour meeting.  Most church-based counseling models are just like the clinical model.  They are key hole counseling brought into the church.

However, the church actually has the opportunity to help a person in the context of community.  This is one of the wonderful benefits of being part of the Body of Christ...you are connected to the body and not isolated.  The Family Life Development Center encourages a 360 degree view of someone’s life within the community of believers in order to truly help the person gain traction in life.  With this 360 degree approach to helping people in the context of community, FLDC has pioneered something truly unique.

To learn more about the difference between key hole counseling and the Family Life Development Center 360-degree approach hear from Sallie Menien, LPC.


Key Distinctives of the FLDC Training Program

Hear from Dr. Nathan Lewis, Ph.D. about the unique distinctives of the FLDC Training Program and why it is so helpful to churches.

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