For Key Ministry Leaders (Individuals, Not Organizations)

FLDC Online Training Cohort

If you are leading a ministry, you have by now found a great deal of your time is spent helping people solve problems and may also be spent helping staff members and staff families sort through life issues, grow spiritually and deal with difficulty.  Many leaders in ministry express a sense of lack of training in how to help people solve life’s problems Biblically.  Family Life Development Center Training Program has proven to help staff and ministry leaders gain the hands-on training, guidance and perspectives many have felt they needed to be really successful in helping people.  Other benefits of the FLDC Training Program have been directly connected to increased effectiveness in personal evangelism and discipleship.  In fact, many have expressed that the skills they gained in asking questions, and the perspective they gained on handling life from a Biblical framework (gaining understanding of wisdom and folly) have directly impacted and benefited their personal evangelism and their discipleship of others.

FLDC is offering a few limited spots to ministry leaders and key individuals (where FLDC is not offered at their church or ministry) to train in an online cohort.  Training through an online cohort is almost identical to completing the training through a church or ministry. Trainees do the same homework through the online training track and class sessions are completed with an instructor and classmates through an online meeting platform.  Spaces are limited and based on application.

To find out more about the application process, contact us.

If you have further questions about participating in the Training program remotely, learn more on our FAQ.

Key Ministry Leaders

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"It's been extremely valuable to have a larger pool of people who've been equipped to help those who are working through some really dark and difficult seasons of life."
Josh De La Rosa
Pastor at Orangecrest Community Church
Riverside, California