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Can my church implement the resource center without implementing the FLDC training program?

No. You can start the Family Life Development Center Resource Center in your church once you have completed at least one year of the Training Program with graduates who are qualified, willing and available to become FLDC Mentors. The goal of the FLDC Resource Center is to help people attending and involved in your church to connect to help through Mentoring available in the Family Life Development Center.  The Resource Center really provides a “bridge” for people to getting help through Mentoring and helps you build awareness in your church about what you have available to people.  With the Resource Center we also include our Keys to… Classes which additionally help build awareness, market and bridge people to Mentoring help in the church.

Who implements and leads the Training, Mentoring and Resource Center programs?

You will appoint a leader in your church or ministry to lead the training and mentoring program (church staff members preferred). You may appoint an additional person to assist in administering the Resource Center. For further information, please contact us.

What are the steps for my church or ministry to get involved in FLDC?

First, you will apply to get involved in FLDC through our contact us form. We will then get in contact with you and send you an information and application packet for you to review and fill out. Once you complete and return your application and it is reviewed we will set up an appointment for an interview. After the interview we will determine the best next steps for your involvement with FLDC.

Who can apply to host the Family Life Development Center at their church?

A church or ministry of any size.

What are the prices for churches and ministries to be apart of FLDC?

Contact us and request information on pricing

How would this be beneficial for my church or ministry?

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How many people can do the training at the same time?

You can enroll as many people as you can manage at the same time. We require that training groups will be limited to 15 people per group. Each group will be led by an Instructor from your church or ministry who you appoint. Given you have enough Instructors who complete the Training Program for FLDC Trainers, you can enroll as many groups as you can manage at the same time.

Can we start the training program at our church any time?

Once your Instructor (who you appoint) has completed the FLDC Trainer Training Program, your church will have one year to launch the FLDC Training Program at your church.

What are the requirements for my church to enroll into FLDC training?

You will need to have a person at your church (preferably a church staff member) who will lead the Training Program at your church or ministry. Once your church application for FLDC Training has been approved and the Trainer completes the FLDC Trainer Training Program and receives a good recommendation from their FLDC Supervisor, you may begin the FLDC Training Program at your church or ministry.

To sign up for online training, call us at 1-866-903-7273 ext. 4 or email us!

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