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Those who serve on church or ministry staff see the great need facing their people today. In fact, many men and women in ministry talk about the huge demand helping people navigate life’s problems places on their time. What if there were a way to train more men and women in your church to be able to help people from a Biblical and women who could actually help people take next steps with God, and learn to handle life’s problems with wisdom? What if your church staff member’s time was more free to focus on advancing the work of the Kingdom? What if you could engage and empower more leaders in the church to join you in building a healing community in the church. Most importantly, what if you did not have to create or invent a training program to train these people?

Family Life Development Center provides both a one-of-a-kind Training Program for staff and lay leaders, giving your leaders hands-on skills in helping people, as well as an on-going Mentoring Program and Resource Center available to start and operate in your church or ministry. We have done the work to provide you a training program and on-going resources to help you train up more leaders to help others and to mobilize more lay men and women in the ministry of helping people learn to handle life Biblically and take Next Steps forward with God.

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"It's been extremely valuable to have a larger pool of people who've been equipped to help those who are working through some really dark and difficult seasons of life."
Josh De La Rosa
Pastor at Orangecrest Community Church
Riverside, California