What is the FLDC Resource Center?

The Family Life Development Center Resource Center provides the materials and marketing resources for your church or ministry’s use to help people attending and involved in your church to connect to help through your Family Life Development Center.

What kind of resources are provided?

  • Audio, video, and printable resources are made available for your ministry to produce for your congregation. Members, regular attenders, and guests will have access to free resources on Sunday mornings at the FLDC Resources Center.  These resources deal with life issues (ex. decision making, parenting teens, empty nesters, etc.) and often have personal stories from people written as well.  These resources have been created such that they can be downloaded and printed with your church’s name on them.  Easy to print and reproduce.
  • Short 50 min FLDC Next Step Classes have been developed on topics of felt need (Marriage, Parenting, Dealing with Disappointment, Conflict, Communication, etc) and are available for use to churches implementing and operating FLDC in their church.  They are designed to be offered in a variety of formats: recurring Sunday Morning class offerings to attract newer guests, weekend seminars, Wednesday night large group class with discussion groups following, etc.
  • Graphics are also made available to advertise the Resource Center and FLDC Classes to people in your congregation in order to help them understand how to gain access to getting help in learning how to solve life’ problems Biblically.

Does FLDC provide the final printed resources?

No, when you purchase your license for the Resource Center, you will receive the digital files to all of the resources and print them at your church or ministry.

Can the resources be customized? Can we use stories from members in our church?

Yes, all resources have been designed in a way that is easy to customize them with your church name and even stories from members of your church.

Can we buy resources in bulk?

When you purchase your license for the Resource Center, you will receive the digital files to all of the resources and can print them at your church or ministry.

If we would like to have a resource on a specific topic that has not been provided through FLDC can we request resources to be produced for the topic?

We are always looking for new ideas and appreciate your feedback. Our topics are based on our resources and priorities. Please contact us if you have further questions.

To sign up for online training, call us at 1-866-903-7273 ext. 4 or email us!

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