What is the FLDC Training Program?

What is the FLDC Training Program?

The Family Life Development Center trains leaders to help others with their personal and relational problems from a biblical viewpoint. During the 25 week long training program, trainees gain understanding and Biblical perspective through online training videos, reading materials and weekly two hour class sessions. Hands-on training opportunities in class give trainees an opportunity to apply and sharpen skills, like asking great questions, categorizing problems and helping others solve problems.

What hands-on-training do trainees receive?

  • Role Play - The purpose of role play is to practice counseling. There are three roles: helper; helpee; and observers (class). The helper and helpee role play based on a scenario given to them from the instructor. The helper receives coaching from the instructor, who leads the role play time.
  • Supervision - Supervision is a time for trainees to get help from the instructor with real life helping situations in which trainees are involved. The most effective way to learn how to help people is by doing it, getting feedback and having a place to debrief and ask questions.
  • Case Studies - Case studies provide a time for the instructor and students to read about and discuss a helping situation as a group.

What general topics are covered in the online training?

  • The Heart is the Target & Listening Skills
  • Three Drives of the Human Heart & Communication Skills
  • Foundations of Daily Living
  • Boundaries
  • Dealing with Manipulative People
  • Where Do Feelings Fit In?
  • The Progressive Nature of Change
  • Loving People by Speaking Truth Into Their Lives
  • Using Homework as Part of the Helping Process
  • When Trouble Erupts
  • Detecting Foolish Strategies(Biblical Wisdom and Folly)
  • How God Changes Fools
  • A Biblical Perspective on Marriage
  • Helping Men and Women with Sexual Problems
  • Teamwork in Marriage
  • Human Development and A Biblical Perspective on Parenting
  • Systems Thinking: Family as a System
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Brief History of the psychology and counseling field
  • Grief, Loss and Crisis Management
  • Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • The Biblical Attitudes of Success
  • Life with Attitude and the Secrets of Teamwork (How Biblical values lived out in daily life can build thriving teams)
  • The Root of Problems
  • Dealing with Self-Defeating Thoughts and Emotions

How long is the training program?   

The training program is a 25-week long program. If your church or ministry is hosting your own training program, the sessions can be completed consecutively or spread out over a year. Once your church has started the training program, the training must be completed by one year from the start.

What is the Training Program for an FLDC Trainer?

The FLDC Instructor Training consists of a bi-weekly three hour distance training that lasts about six months.  During this time the prospective Instructor will go through all the material the trainees go through as well as receive additional training from an FLDC Supervisor.   The Instructor Training culminates in a 4 day live training session hosted Texas annualy. After the church’s selected Instructor has completed the Instructor Training Program, he/she can start the church’s FLDC training program and offer it to the leaders the church selects.  The FLDC Instructor will then lead the trainees through the 25 week online FLDC Training Program, utilizing the online training, curriculum, and resources already provided through FLDC, but leading the live class time 2hrs per week. 

To sign up for online training, call us at 1-866-903-7273 ext. 4 or email us!

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